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Getting Started With Essential Oils

Written by Yeri Wolcott


I’m new to Essential Oils. There are a million, where do I even start??

The world of Essential Oils can seem to be almost limitless. For an oil newbie, it can definitely be overwhelming!

While there are many different ways of using Essential Oils, one of the most basic and useful for the average person is the clear affect they can have on mood. This is usually a great place to start, and let me set you at ease right now by saying something important:

There’s no wrong way to approach this.

Using Essential Oils for mood is a very personal, subjective experience. There are general guidelines that can get you started, and you’ll quickly learn what works for you as you start sampling. The most important thing is learning to listen to your body as you try different Essential Oils. You will love some, and dislike others. As you continue your journey of exploration you’ll quickly learn what works well for you.

Here is a (very short) list of some common Essential Oils, and some of their attributes:

Lavender: A huge aromatherapy favorite that promotes relaxation, soothing, nurturing, reduces anxiety and fear.      
Eucalyptus: Open airways, clears the mind and aids in concentration.
Peppermint: Headaches, awakens, refreshes, reduces fatigue, anti-inflammatory, cooling.
Frankincense: Supports tranquility, skin healing, anti-inflammatory
Cedarwood: Grounding, soft, emotionally balancing.

Roman Chamomile: Very powerful Essential Oil often used to induce deep relaxation, calming and grounding, great for winding down and getting ready for rejuvenating sleep.

Maybe the easiest way to understand how to get started with Essential OIls is to simply share my own experience with you.

My Journey

Once I learned how important it was to pay attention to what my body was saying, I quickly began to notice a pattern in my daily life. I realized that every day, I tend to go through about 3 stages, regardless of what is on my schedule. My body wants an uplifting and invigorating morning, followed by a boost of energy mid day, and finally something to ground me as I start winding down for bedtime.

Over the years I’ve tried a variety of Essential Oil blends to help me through the day. Below I will share what works best for me. Part of the beauty of Essential Oils is that there are so many different ways to get to same place—so while this works for me, it’s certainly not the only way. I would love to hear what works for you!


When I wake up, the first thing on my mind is coffee. I sleepily make it down the stairs and start a brew. You probably don’t want to talk to me during this time... It’s not that I am grumpy exactly, I’m just not fully in my body yet if that makes sense. I typically feel like I am in a daze, in someplace midway between asleep and awake.

While my coffee is brewing I start up my essential oil diffuser. I seem to need some extra help waking up and I feel like freshening up the space with Essential Oils really helps my mind come to life. I will usually put in a few drops of Eucalyptus, Cedarwood and a citrus note like Bergamot or Lime. They blend together to awaken and focus my mind. In fact, this is what led to the development of our roll-on blend Spotlight.

Mid Day

Once my day has started and I am feeling refreshed, I get to work. I start making more blends, getting your orders made and shipped out. I continue my education as an aromatherapist and soak up as much as I can about herbalism. By the afternoon my mind is starting to get a bit foggy, so I turn to Essential Oils again. I use Spark at around 3pm. It is a roller blend of Sweet Orange, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus. To me it feels like a midday cup of coffee, but of course without having to double my caffeine intake for the day. It is invigorating and helps me to focus. I really love this blend because I now associate it with accomplishing a lot. It means I am almost to the end of my work day and can start thinking of what’s for dinner. Meal planning is my favorite! Essential oils can be part of your daily ritual and act as reminders to stay focused or even to start winding down.


When you are on “go mode” it can be hard to wind down and get ready for your home life. Whether you are overstimulated or just have a hard time transitioning from one situation to the next, changing the atmosphere in your space can be the key. This is what led us to develop our Atmosphere line of Room Sprays. I like to use Renew clearing spray to do exactly that: clear the day away so that I can move into my home mode. It’s a nice separation I create for myself. It is as though I am giving myself permission to relax and just enjoy my evening. Renew smells of Sage, Cedarwood and Lavender. It is refreshing, and the scent of Lavender instantly eases my mind.


So what’s left? Sleep! I love the night and consider myself to be a night owl so naturally I have trouble sleeping. I can’t seem to just shut off. Getting to sleep is quite a process for me and involves a diffuser, a bath, lotions and potions! For the average person all these together may be a bit excessive. But any one of these things on their own can be beneficial for a great night’s sleep.

My favorite go-to is a Soaking Salt. I suffer from chronic muscle pain and created Release as the perfect blend for me. I soak up all of the therapeutic properties of Eucalyptus and my body knows it’s bedtime.

So how does all this translate to your products?

At Sweetwater, we combine Essential OIls that have complementary effects into blends each meant for a specific purpose. These blends can take many forms.

Roll-Ons which you can apply directly to your skin like a perfume.

Room Sprays which can clear your environment and create an atmosphere.

Massage Oils to combine the therapeutic benefits of Essential Oils with the benefits of massage.

Soaking Salts which provide an opportunity to relax in a hot bath, and nourishment for the skin from a variety of mineral-rich salts sourced from around the globe.

Body Butters which suspend therapeutic grade Essential Oils in a very rich, moisturizing cream that is absolute magic for your skin.

The list goes on! We use Essential Oils in our Natural Deodorants, and we are working on Skin Salves and other product lines to expand into in the future.

You don’t have to use essential oils all throughout the day like I do, but incorporating just a few of these products can dramatically improve your mood and energy.

I love my oils. I started with just a few, which turned into a few more, and soon I was saying “I have an oil for that!” to everyone I knew. Then I realized I was so passionate about oils that I should do it as a living!

I hope this was useful in helping you navigate your way through this oily life.





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