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For much of my life, I struggled with intense daily anxiety. I felt powerless and off balance in stressful situations. It was so constant and intense that I just learned to accept it as “normal”. But deep down I knew that it wasn’t normal. And it wasn’t how I wanted my live my life. At some point I finally decided to confront my inner demons, and slowly found the courage to start learning how to take control of my inner life. I was on a quest to conquer my stress and anxiety.

I began to actively work on my emotional health, using exercise and daily meditations as techniques to find my peace. These did help somewhat. But somewhere along the way, I discovered a key that truly seemed to give me a way out of the catacombs of anxiety—I discovered the world of Essential Oils.

I was immediately hooked.

I found Essential Oils to be so comforting and grounding. They were the hug I needed to help me get through the day. I learned everything I could about different oils and why they made me feel so good. I began to tailor make my own blends. It was so fun to learn how to create recipes, and even more fun using them. As my knowledge grew, so did my love for oils in my life.

And then I started up a child care center. It was just me and 6 kids and no breaks and no vacations. The constant stress and 12-hour days intensified my anxiety. By the second year I was burning out. I was having trouble keeping it together emotionally. I felt sluggish, sad, defeated. I was not myself. I could feel myself fading back into depression and sure enough began experiencing symptoms of my anxiety attacks returning.

I leaned heavily on my daily ritual of applying oils, breathing them in deeply and finding my “happy place” again. They were the emotional equivalent of a sturdy rail to hold onto and steady myself. They allowed me to take a minute, even just 30 seconds to stop and think about myself. To consciously make the decision not to spiral into a irritable, overwhelmed state.

I realized that the child care center was not the right path for me. After closing it down, I kept thinking, “If these natural products helped me so much, they might help others too.” I constantly saw parents coming in and out, frazzled, insecure and just stressed by the everyday struggles that new parents face.

Could they find the same benefits from essential oils that I have?

I knew that diffusing them in my home when the kids were playing or during nap time really helped to relax them. I bet they would relax these kids parents too.

So, I began more serious education. I enrolled in a year-long program to become a certified Aromatherapist. Armed with new and deeper knowledge, I perfected my recipes and Sweetwater Apothecary was born. My husband Matt jumped in to help with branding and getting online.

My desire is to be able to help others get through their days a little easier. I want Sweetwater to be a reminder that you are valuable. That self care is NOT selfish. Your well-being matters! I hope the products I make help you to take a minute out of your day to remind yourself of that. I hope our oils become a part of your daily ritual and serve as a reminder to take care of YOU.    


We are a direct-to-consumer supplier of therapeutic grade Essential Oil roller blends, massage oils, room sprays, and soaking salts with more products on the way. We do not use a Multilevel Marketing sales process, which means you can access world-class quality without a steep markup in price. We want to share the blends we have found to help shape the mood of our lives.


One thing we learned early is that not all oils are created equal. Due to the popularity of Essential Oils, there are some less than scrupulous players in the market that compromise the purity and quality of their product in order to maximize their profits, hoping that you will not know the difference.

That's why we ensure that every bottle of oil we use has been sourced from an ethical producer and tested to ensure its purity and grade. We use only therapeutic grade oils, and we can supply you with GCMS reports for any of our products.