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Emotional Balance Body Butter

Emotional Balance Body Butter


Our body butters are crafted to provide rich, intensive moisturization for dry skin. They are designed to be absorbed easily, without leaving a greasy or sticky feeling. Infused with therapeutic grade essential oils, they provide benefits that reach beyond simply alleviating dry skin.

Bright citrus notes of Neroli, Sweet Orange and Lemon energize and uplift the spirit, while Frankincense provides a grounding note and Ylang Ylang's rich sweetness permeates throughout.

What is this one for?

Emotional Balance is a great way to remind yourself that you matter. Take a few moments to nourish your skin with a rich butter, and let the essential oil blend uplift and ground you.

What does it smell like?

Warm, Sweet

Why these essential oils?

Neroli: Relaxes feelings of nervousness. Calms and soothes the heart. Facilitates spiritual and creative work.
Sweet Orange: Unblocks and circulates stagnant energy. Calms tension.
Frankincense: Quiets the mind. Supports focused attention and tranquility.
Lemon: Uplifting and cleansing. Reduces feelings of tension and invites happy outward energy.
Ylang Ylang: Relaxes and encourages feelings of euphoria.

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