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Ground Control
Ground Control
Ground Control
Ground Control

Ground Control


Sandalwood & Roman Chamomile provide a firm grounding experience, while the gentle Neroli & Lavender calm the mind.

When to Use

When you're feeling out of control and need to be brought back to Earth, reach for Ground Control. It's a powerful grounding blend.

Aroma Profile

Warm, Smooth, Resinous

What's Inside

Sandalwood: Quiets mental activity. Encourages acceptance and reduces feelings of aggression and irritability.
Neroli: Relaxes nerves, calms and soothes the heart.
Roman Chamomile: Calms feelings of anger and frustration. Offers support in difficult situations.
Lavender: Calms, soothes, and nurtures. Encourages balance and helps to calm feelings of panic.

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