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Muscle Stiffness Body Butter

Muscle Stiffness Body Butter


Our body butters are crafted to provide rich, intensive moisturization for dry skin. They are designed to be absorbed easily, without leaving a greasy or sticky feeling. Infused with therapeutic grade essential oils, they provide benefits that reach beyond simply alleviating dry skin.

Black Pepper and Rosemary penetrate to soothe muscles & joints, while lavender adds a calming note.

What is this one for?

Muscle Stiffness was formulated to give your muscles relief when they have been stressed. Use after vigorous activities or when you feel you need some relaxation in a particular area.

What does it smell like?

Spicy, Minty, Camphoraceous

Why these essential oils?

Black Pepper: Warming.
Eucalyptus: Cooling. Soothing.
Rosemary: Cooling.
Lavender: Soothing and comforting.


• May be experienced as warming.

• Vulnerable to oxidization. Once oxidized it may cause skin irritation or sensitization. Please store in cool, dry, dark place to prevent oxidation.

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